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Divulgazeral is a window open to the multidisciplinary world of Environmental Sciences and a platform for scientific communication and discovery.

01 oct 2018

Education for a sustainable tourism

Azeral Environmental Sciences
Education and interpretation

We teach a postgraduate course related to the design and marketing of innovation- and sustainability-based tourism products

Tourism has become a key driver of socioeconomic progress, and makes a relevant contribution to production and employment worldwide. In Spain, historical records in terms of the number of tourists, incomes generated and direct and indirect job creation are broken year after year. This makes tourism fundamental for our economy, with Spain being a reference in the...

01 sep 2018

Elaphus, the lord of the forest of “Discover the secrets of the red deer rut”

Jaime Rodríguez Estival
Education and interpretation

Live the Iberian red deer rutting season through the story of Elaphus, the big stag of "Discover the secrets of the red deer rut"

The sun is setting on a warm early autumn afternoon in the Serranía de Cuenca. Between the last days of September and the beginning of October, ochre and reddish colours start dressing the landscape. A couple of rainy weeks are behind us, and prairies and streams are alive again. The acrid aroma of damp fallen leaves subtly fills the air. As every day, Iberian...

01 ago 2018

Discover the secrets of the red deer rut 2018

Azeral Environmental Sciences
Education and interpretation

Nature interpretation and science communication to enjoy the red deer and fallow deer rutting seasons

The arrival of autumn does not pass unnoticed for Nature-lovers in the Mediterranean forests. From mid-September until mid-October, two fascinating wildlife phenomenons happen in our wilderness: the Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus) and the fallow deer (Dama dama) rutting seasons. A chorus of bellowing temporarily disrupts the peace of autumnal evenings in our forests, as relentless hymns...

01 jul 2018

Interpreting and communicating Nature

Jaime Rodríguez Estival
Education and interpretation

Nature interpretation and Science communication, two outstanding ways to discover our environment

Transmitting and communicating what we know about our natural heritage to people, thanks to the discoveries made by and advances in Science, is a key aspect as regards encouraging love and respect for Nature and, therefore, increasing public awareness that will lead to decision making in favour of conservation. The first thing that usually comes to mind when we speak about environmental...