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Discover the secrets of the red deer rut 2020

Education and interpretation
Discover the secrets of the red deer rut 2020

Nature interpretationscience communication and ecotourism to enjoy the red deer and fallow deer rutting seasons in the Serranía de Cuenca

The arrival of autumn is an amazing time to enjoy Nature in the Serranía de Cuenca because two fascinating wildlife phenomenons happen in our wilderness: the Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphusand the fallow deer (Dama damarutting seasons. From mid-September until mid-October, a chorus of bellowing disrupts the peace of autumnal evenings in the Mediterranean forests, as relentless hymns to life. It is the mating season of the lords of our forests!

Once again this year, we offer you a chance to feel the Serranía de Cuenca, watch it and hear it, from the perspective of our protagonists through a unique and exclusive interpretative experience that we develop hand-in-hand with Ecoturismo Cuenca: “Discover de secrets of the red deer rut”. This activity integrates the arts of interpreting and communicating Nature and the forms of ecotourism, and is entirely aimed at experiencing and enjoying the red deer and fallow deer rutting seasons in a privileged spot in the heart of the Natural Park of the Serranía de Cuenca.

Advertising poster of "Discover the secrets of the red deer rut" (2020).


Discover the secrets of the red deer rut” consists of a guided interpretative hike (about 2 km.) to reveal some of the treasures hidden within the red deer and fallow deer habitats in the Serranía de Cuenca, and then move on to their ruts through an interactive talk (about 40 minutes). What are the red deer and fallow deer ruts? What are they for? What factors determine their onsets and durations? How does the life of a male red deer or fallow deer change during these periods? How do stags and hinds survive this intense period? Why do stags fight? Why do antlers matter? What factors determine the perpetuation of these species? We answer these questions and many more with the support of specifically designed didactic materials.

Summary video of "Discover the secrets of the red deer rut".


And then, after a well-deserved refreshment, it is time to gaze at our “enchanted valley”, to listen to the voices of male red deer and fallow deer and watch the typical behaviour of males and females during this exciting periods in their lives. It is a 5-hours adventure, suitable for audiences of all ages, that leaves none untouched.

The red deer rut in the Serranía de Cuenca.


The VI Edition of “Discover the secrets of the red deer rut (2020) will take place from 18th September to 11st October, both included. Number of diary participants is limited and previous reservations are required. Look for further information on the website of Ecoturismo Cuenca, by email or by telephone at +34 686 621 689 (Alberto) and +34 626 892 354 (Jaime). If you still have any doubts, here you have 5 reasons to choose "Discover the secrets of the red deer rut". Do not lose your place!


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