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Divulgazeral is a window open to the multidisciplinary world of Environmental Sciences and a platform for scientific communication and discovery.

ATTENTION! This is a climate emergency!

Environmental impacts

A global coalition of scientists has declared a "climate emergency" and warned that we are confronting a catastrophic threat to the human species whose consequences could very soon be irreversible if we do not make considerable changes to our consumption and lifestyle model.

Exactly 40 years ago, scientists began to warn us about the dangerous trends of climate change and its potential consequences for the world and for human beings. At that time they were already attempting to make our...

The evil invaders

Environmental impacts

Alien invasive species are the second largest threat to biodiversity, a sad and costly phenomenon that can only be halted by the progress of Science and Environmental Education

The destructive power of human beings is limitless. Despite human overpopulation, our species represents just a tiny part of the planet’s life but we have still become a global strength. Climate change, pollution, habitat loss and degradation, the overexploitation of natural resources, desertification, waste...