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Divulgazeral is a window open to the multidisciplinary world of Environmental Sciences and a platform for scientific communication and discovery.

01 may 2019

What is biomagnification?

Jaime Rodríguez Estival

The biomagnification of certain chemical contaminants through food webs implies a risk for the conservation of the wildlife species affected and problems of food safety and public health

In the last article of Divulgazeral we said that chemical pollution is a serious threat to the environment whose consequences are being underestimated. We discovered that this type of pollution does not understand frontiers, and that it usually goes unnoticed, so that its effects are manifested in silence,...

01 abr 2019

An invisible and underestimated threat called chemical pollution

Jaime Rodríguez Estival

The release of potentially toxic substances into the environment constitutes a serious threat to ecosystems and human health whose consequences have been underestimated

It is sometimes self-evident whether a place in our environment is clean or is affected by a problem of environmental pollution, that is, whether there is some type of “agent” that alters its purity or normal conditions so that it may be detrimental for living beings. For instance, if we walk alongside a river and observe...

01 mar 2019

Terra Mobilis 2019

Azeral Environmental Sciences
Education and interpretation

New edition of Terra Mobilis, the travelling exhibition and workshop programme concerning Environmental Education in the province of Cuenca (Spain)

Communication, education and the promotion of scientific culture are essential tools in caring for the environment and sustainable development. Over the course of 2018, the Environmental Education programme “Terra Mobilis”, promoted by the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development of the Regional Government of...

01 feb 2019

The evil invaders

Jaime Rodríguez Estival
Environmental impacts

Alien invasive species are the second largest threat to biodiversity, a sad and costly phenomenon that can only be halted by the progress of Science and Environmental Education

The destructive power of human beings is limitless. Despite human overpopulation, our species represents just a tiny part of the planet’s life but we have still become a global strength. Climate change, pollution, habitat loss and degradation, the overexploitation of natural resources, desertification, waste...