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What can we do for you?

Azeral is a professional firm that groups a wide variety of services related to Environmental Sciences, integrating Science, Education and the enjoyment of Nature in an unique multidisciplinary proposal in the sector.


Azeral offers design, management, advisory, support and consulting services for the execution of research projects and technical studies within the field of Environmental Sciences, at any stage of development. We are specialists in biomonitoring and ecological and ecotoxicological assessment of natural habitats, wildlife, and domestic populations, Environmental Risk Assessments (ERAs), and food safety.


At Azeral , we believe that communication, training, and education are essential tools for fighting environmental degradation. From this belief grew the range of services we provide. Undoubtedly, they are ideal instruments to foster attitudes, skills, and behaviours —individual and collective, personal and professional— that are in keeping with respect for Nature and the sustainable use of natural resources.


Located in the very noble and loyal, most faithful, heroic and undaunted city of Cuenca (Spain), Azeral professionals are lovers of Nature and rural culture. We want to make you part of our passion, and what better way to achieve it than by interpretative itineraries through the Serranía de Cuenca’s majestic forests and thematic activities of nature interpretation . Get into Cuenca’s wild nature with Azeral!